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About Indraprasth Group Of Institutions

Under the aegis of Shree Bhagwan Singh Education Society, a premier educational group, Indraprasth Group of Institutions. Establishe with an objective ofcreating world classskilled persons. Under the group several organizations are running under the name and style of:

Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics

Indraprasth institute of Aeronautics (IIA) is approved institute from Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India engaged in Imparting Aircraft Maintenance Engineering training course to its students. 

About AME Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course is related to maintenance and repair of aircraft. Candidate requires a lot of passion and skills to do AME Course. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer may make repairs, troubleshoot problem, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircraft. Before pilot takes off AME has to check the aircraft properly and sign the Certificate then only flight can take- off. AME have very bright future as aircraft passengers are raising very frequently. The golden era has been started who desire to make their career in aviation. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course that is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, Under the latest regulation CAR 147 (Basic), Academy of Aviation & Engineering is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and committed to all the void of industry-ready and well- trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in the aviation industry.

Along with AME course we offer Bachelor Degree in Science

Along AME Course Students are benefited with B.Sc (A.M.E) simultaneously from Gurugram University, Haryana. University registration fee and University exam fee shall be paid separately by the student to the University.
Degree in B.Sc (A.M.E) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, in which students can appear for two different examinations for issue of Degree and Licence. At the end of three years students will have both Bachelor of Degree in Science & Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, by making him eligible for both Aircraft Maintenance and other General jobs.
This will also enhance the placement probabilities.
Dual course is a combined course of Bachelor.

How to become an AME?

To become an AME, one should undergo specified Hrs. as per Scope of approval of Basic training from an approved Institute, which includes Theory and Practical as stipulated by DGCA. During the stay in the Academy, students have to pass the required semester exams, conducted by Institutes Examination Cell under the supervision of DGCA Approved Examination Manager.

In our Institute there are two Categories in AME course, i.e. Mechanical and Avionics. The stream which deals with Engine and Aircraft structure commonly known as Mechanical or A1, A4, B1.1, B1.4 and which deals with Electrical, Instrument or Radio navigation system commonly known as Avionics or B2.

For practical purposes during the academic training under CAR 147 (Basic) as mandated by DGCA, student have to undergo training on actual maintenance working environment. As we have legal tie up with our sister concern organistation (Jet Serve Aviation). So the student can undergo training on actual maintenance working environment.

After completion of the course from our Institute, students will get C of R (Certificate of Recognition) and after the completion of the course from our institute and after passing all modules of DGCA, students have to additionally acquire live maintenance experience on live Aircrafts or MRO’s, as per DGCA regulations specified from time to time.


Ame Fee Structure Cat-A1 & A4 (2024)

Fee Structure For Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Cat A1 & A4

Why Choose IIA Gurgaon ?

Our Courses

We offer Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Both Mechanical (A1, Α4, Β.1.1, B1.4) & Avionics (B2) Stream

Our Training Partner

Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics, Gurgaon are not charging any fee towards the practical fee on name of Airline /AMO as we provide Training to our students at own fleet of airplanes, maintained by Jet Serve Aviation Pvt Ltd.

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