Practical Training Owned & Contracted

For completion of the course, practical Training shall be mandatory. This time will be given in a continuous period. For imparting practical training on aircraft maintenance to the trainees, facilities acceptable to the DGCA must exist.

The Institutes has its own 60 seater heavy aircraft AVRO HS-748 and students will be able to carry out the maintenance schedules and other checks as called for in the AMM. The institute has its competent person who can demonstrate the systems of the aircraft to the students. The institute shall ensure that all safety precautions and standard maintenance practices are followed.

The Jet Serve Aviation Pvt Ltd and Mjet Indamar Company Pvt Ltd has a CAR 145 approval to maintain the fixed wing and rotary wing aircrafts for all maintenance as approved by DGCA.

This facility of JSAPL & IMASPL shall be used by IIAG to provide practical training to the students of institute to cover the requirements of practical training as required under CAR- 147.

The practical task can be carried out on institute owned HS – 748 with its AMM and JSA/ IMASPL facility on rotary & fixed wing aircraft under full time agreement to provide the training to students of Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics, Gurgaon as and when needed.