All efforts have been made to provide an excellent infrastructure that a prestigious course like Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Training Course deserves. The rooms are spacious, well aerated and set with suitable furniture.

Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics has a distinctive atmosphere where the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation, and friendly competition. Smaller student groups in classes lead to students developing closer supportive relationships with each other and faculty members. IIAG provides exceptional campus facilities to serve the needs of the student community.

IIA-Gurgaon campus has been very well developed for comfort education. Solid granite building that dots the campus is sheltered under a canopy of trees. We have well maintained gardens and buildings, air- conditioned seminar halls and a panel room.

Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Terrace Garden, Auditorium, Health club, Kiosk and all the requirements of an institute of higher learning are the unique features here.

Stress-free learning classrooms, seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms with modern furniture, DHP, LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshops.

Knowledge Centre, Library, Audio Video Media Room, Communications and Broadband enabled Wi-Fi campus, a library which is open round the clock with over 5000 titles on aviation courses, a hundred-plus leading journals, a large database of case studies and projects in text and multimedia for deeper understanding, affiliation with premier library in the city is on the anvil.

The Institute has its own overhead and LCD projectors a lot of transparencies on various subjects have been made which will be used for training purposes during theory classes. The Institute also has an Audio-Visual, Flight Simulator for aircraft maintenance, manufacturing etc.

  • ELECTRICAL LAB: IIA Gurgaon has a well-equipped electrical lab. It is furnished by a number of components, item of equipment's and system layout with system demonstration mock-ups. They are managed in a way that student is able to understand working & system operation of these in aircraft.

  • INSTRUMENT LAB: This lab a variety of aircraft instruments used in different type of civil & military aircrafts. The lab is dedicated to develop the skills of candidate/person by its basic & advanced system mock-ups in line with aircraft genuine instruments.

  • RADIO LAB: The lab is to train a student on radio & navigation system components & different terms used in controlling of air traffic in aviation. It has a number of layouts, training kits, transmitting circuits & their corresponding receivers.

  • JET ENGINE: Engines are considered as a heart (power source) of aircraft. The institute lab has two Rolls Royce Turbo-prop engine, as installed on aircraft with a lot of engine components and accessories as placed in lab for ease of inspection & understanding of their design, construction, materials, attachment & functional features.
  • PISTON ENGINE: The piston engines are very fuel efficient. The lab is well equipped with a four cylinder Lycoming OPPOSED type piston engine & its accessories for dismantling, inspection, repair, maintenance & reassembling.
  • AIRFRAM SHOP: The airframe lab of Indraprasth institute is extended from lab area to aircraft. The Lab has a variety of airframe components in discrete quantity with a live airframe in terms of institute owned AVRO aircraft, which is easily used to describe all basic & advanced system in terms of construction, layout, uses & operational features.
  • WORK SHOP: Practical training is an essential part of any engineering course. The institute has a well-equipped workshop to impart practical training to students in basic workshop technology.
  • COMPUTER LAB: The computer lab at the indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics is out of the day. We have provided most modern computers including lap-top with internet facility in LAN easy but monitored access to information available across the globe.
  • AUDIO VISUAL TRAINING: he Institute has its own overhead and LCD projectors a lot of transparencies on various subjects have been made which will be used for training purposes during theory classes. The Institute also has a Audio-Visual, flight Simulator for aircraft maintenance, manufacturing etc.
  • INTERNET FACILITY: Internet connection is provided to all departments, computer labs and the library in the University. Broadband network speeds at 12Mbps and selective Wi-fi connectivity locations are present.
  • BANK/ATM FACILITY : ICICI BANK and Indian Overseas Bank is situated near the campus to cater to the banking need of the students and staff. The bank also provides ATM facility to its account holders. These banks provides the students with many facilities, so they don't have to rush to another bank for any transactions. Many leading Banks also provide ATM and banking facilities within close proximity to the campus.
  • LIBRARY: A well stocked library is the soul of the institute. There are scores of books, journals, magazines and periodicals which provide ample intellectual food to knowledge for hungry students and faculty. A number of sets of the text books have been placed in the library so that as many as six or even seven students can be issued a particular book at a me, if the demand for the book is that much pressing. Beside text books other books of general interest too have been procured to quench the intellectual thirst of an inquisitive, curious and voracious reader. Update magazines such as Aviation week , Aircraft maintenance technology, Airport etc. are available in Library.
  • CAFETERIA: All the necessary stationery, accessories, refreshments etc., can be procured at reasonable prices from the Departmental Store run within the campus. It is open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm
  • SEMINAR HALL: It's the venue for conducting several International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Cultural programme, Founders' Day Celebrations, Annual Day, Graduation Day and varied Academic Programs. The seminar halls which is fully air-conditioned and well equipped for seminars and presentations. Department Seminars, project presentation, are conducted in this hall.

  • Available on a first come first served basis, subject to availability of seats.
  • Separate hostel facility for boys and girls. Both hostel comprise spacious and well furnished rooms.
  • Regular and monitored study of the students, for which three hours are fixed as study hours.
  • One hour is fixed when students can get their academic problem solved under the guidance of an instructor.
  • Frequent medical check-up of the students.
  • Transport facility is provided by the Institute for Commuting students from the boarding house to the Institute.
  • Outdoor and Indoor sport Facility.
  • If any student opts for hostel facility, he has to complete his stay for one year. In case he wants to withdraw his candidature from hostel after that, he has to give notice before three months.