Dare to dream?????? No wings to fly????????

Give Wings to your dreams and soar high in the Sky.
INDRAPRASTH FLYING ACADEMY invites young aspirants (10+2) to be trained for Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).
Training. We arrange ground subjects learning at Gurgaon, India and six months flying training at U.S.A. and Canada.
Because of the supersonic speed of modern passenger aircraft air travel time has been shortened. The affluence in the society has brought air travel in the easy reach of neo rich segments of the society and more and more persons are traveling by air these days. As such Indian Aviation has occupied a prime position in the present socio-economic setup.

Liberalization, like various other fields, has opened wide scope for formation of several small and big airlines. These companies have hundreds of corporate jets and helicopters. This is just a beginning. So many more companies and so many more sophisticated aircraft are to come on the horizon. Naturally when the airports are flooded with newer aircrafts, there will be need for more and more pilots. As a result of boom in Aviation industry pilots are in great demand. By dint of sheer hard work, dedication and expertise these pilots have itched out a very respectable niche for themselves. They not only draw a handsome and respectable salary package but also earn a good name.

Whereas at the Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics (Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation , Ministry of Civil Aviation , Government of India) we aim at preparing best persons to maintain aircrafts, at Indraprasth Flying Academy ( a sister concern of Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics) our aim is to promote skilled art of flying combined with knowledge of Avionics/Aeronautics, to acquaint students of the academy with principles of flight in all its aspects, enabling them to obtain CPL, encourage hobby flying and orientation in basics of flight.

Under the guidance of knowledgeable and richly experienced instructors the students here will get world class guidance and training and all efforts will be made to bring out their potentialities-latent and patent, we add value to output. The Indraprasth Flying Academy is committed to help the students in realizing their aspirations for brighter, lucrative and promising careers in the country and abroad.


It is a positive effort to provide aviation studies for the building of career of young students in one of the finest and most challenging professions. Imagination, talent, creativity, innovation, expertise, hard work and dedication have been brought under one roof at Indraprasth Flying Academy. A team of talented, dedicated and most qualified faculty has been carefully picked from the lot to ensure that the best of knowledge and skill is imparted to the students. We look forward to produce some of the best trained pilots in the world to meet the requirements of aviation in India.